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Google Ads is one of the most popular and effective ways to attract users to your site. Believe it or not, as many as 75% of computer searches worldwide come via Google search. To show your ads to your target audience, you need to avoid some of the most common mistakes.


Common mistakes in Google Search Campaign

In our previous blogs, we’ve written how to make your Google ads more effective and to improve your ad position and rank in Search. We now introduce you to the most common mistakes in Google Search Campaign.

a screenshot of a browser with a large Google logo

Lacking Sitelink extensions

Sitelink extensions are the most appealing addition to an ad and most often have the potential to take up a lot of space. Of course, besides the listed Sitelink extension, there are many other add-ons available to you. These add-ons can also be a phone number, address, text extensions (sending an SMS directly to the desired phone number), additional descriptions, and many others. 


Automatically accept all Google’s recommendations 

Google’s recommendations mean a lot and can sometimes help to swiftly optimize Google campaigns. However, Google often offers a significant increase in the current budget as a recommendation to achieve even better results. Besides, one of the most common recommendations is to change the bid strategy to Maximize Conversions. This change can be very disruptive to your campaign, and you’re not guaranteed to get multiple conversions for the same amount, especially if you don’t already have enough conversions that Google can work with.

screen from the google ads dashboard with campaign settings

Overlook Demographic targeting

When creating and optimizing a campaign, everyone focuses on keywords and phrases. Many overlook to adjust the target group by gender, location, age. Many jump this step when creating a campaign.

screen from google ads dashboard with demographic targeting

Broad Keywords

Google Search ads are not banners, and the goal of advertising on search results should not be to display as many ads as possible. Many chase position number 1 and use keywords that are too “broad” and include a large number of phrases, many of which are not relevant to their campaign.

screen from google ads dashboard with the option to add broad keywords

In the blog, we mentioned some of the most common mistakes in Google Search Campaign. Read more about how to make your ads more effective in our previous blogs.

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