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If you want your presentation to be seen by as many people as possible, in the shortest possible time, and you want to attract attention, one of the best solutions is to make an Explainer video.

Explainer video is a short online, marketing video that explains your company’s product or service in more detail. It is usually placed on the landing page, home page, or on the page of a specific product if it is an online shop.

It is not always enough to simply turn on the camera on your phone and record your presentation because there is a risk that, no matter how interesting your presentation may be, you will not hold the attention of the viewers. So we will give you a few simple tips to help you keep people’s attention as long as possible and how to make an interesting Explainer video.


How to make an Explainer video step by step?

First of all, it is important to make a Storyboard. It’s some kind of script or sketch of what your video will look like. The better and more detailed the Storyboard is, the easier the next steps will be. Otherwise, who can know your product or service better than yourself?

the hands of designers drawing a sketch for a storyboard

The next step should be a voiceover. In this step, it is very important to take care of diction. So clear and distinct pronunciation of words with all punctuation marks, accents, and emphasis on words that are important. There are applications that can do it for you.

This method is simpler and certainly cheaper, but you will have to take care of the word emphasis and timing yourself and enter it manually. On the other hand, it is possible to hire professionals who will do it for you. Actors, radio or TV announcers or simply hire freelancers for example.

Then you need to decide how you will present it. It’s just that not everyone is able to pay for a high-production video, so hiring fewer people will save you money and probably time. In addition, the animation or illustration of your presentation will be much more appealing and will offer many more possibilities than a simple shot. There are several applications on the Internet that will help you complete the explainer video as soon as possible. First of all, because they use ready-made elements, ie assets, which you can use for video. For example Doodly or Toonly.

We think that we should not emphasize how important it is to harmonize the image and the sound. That is, the picture follows what the speaker is saying at that moment.

Also, the advantage of these applications is that you can use some of the graphics programs to design individual scenes yourself.

It is recommended to insert some funny illustrations or scenes that would definitely refresh your story. However, be careful not to overdo it, because there is a risk that potential customers will take you lightly.

drawing with funny cartoon characters

Now that you already have the basic elements your explainer video could be enriched with additional elements such as prime music and subtitles. The apps we’ve already mentioned already offer some of the music themes or sound effects you can use. It is important that the music theme follows the theme of the video and that you do not choose recognizable themes because you may encounter obstacles such as copyright.

The subtitle is needed because many people watch the video without a tone so as not to disturb the people around them. You can also use some of the existing applications on the Internet here. When choosing, it is only important to take into account whether you can upload your video or it must be online, but also to take care to check if you have generated it automatically because such robots still make mistakes with words that are the same they are pronounced but have a different meaning in the text. (For example, they write the words for instead of the number 4).

In the last step, in addition to your website, you should upload the video on some of the globally known sites such as Youtube or Vimeo, because it will definitely help your company’s marketing.

To conclude, Explainer video, even if it is used for business communication and requires a dose of seriousness, it is necessary to keep the user’s attention and have a “drinkable” theme or tone, because we should start from the assumption that people will mostly watch such video in their free time. the video lasts longer than 5.6 minutes.


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