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People love stories. We are made for stories. They are connecting us, bypassing time, space, reality. Stories are shaping our spirit from our childhood. We love interesting, inspirational, educational, funny stories. From ancient history men enjoy storytelling. Stories have an impact on us on an emotional, emphatic level. They make us take action.

Here lies the reason why is storytelling so important in every well-formed marketing campaign. Storytelling does not affect a rational part of our brain. It impacts the instinctive, emotional part which is much more powerful than the first one.


How good storytelling affects my brand?

The first big question is how to find a good story? And the question itself hides the answer. Find a good story. Stories are all around us. Your brand certainly has one of his own, you just need to find it.

At the beginning of your quest, you could answer a few questions. What you offer, to whom your brand is intended to, what are you different about? If you want your story to have an impact, you need to base it on an understanding of your audience. What is their motivation, what are their needs, goals, dreams, and aspirations? This is the first step. This is the beginning of every good story.


So what’s your story?

Make me interested! Your story has to have a good “bite”. The answers to all the questions above will help you in defining the right “bite”. What’s the thing that will motivate your audience? Knowing this you have a good foundation for your story.

The best stories and ideas come from the clients themselves. Listen to your audience. Clients are the best source of every great story. Their stories are credible (really happened), easy to connect with, and you won’t have to make some extra effort in writing them. You can use them as they are, or use them as feedback in creating a story that is based on reality.


Once Upon a Time…

Once you have found your story it’s time to share it with the world. The essence is to tell it in the most dazzling way, the way that will have the most impact on your audience.

Be authentic! Sincerity and authenticity are something people are looking for. Keep consistent with the main message of your brand. Make the audience easy to identify with the character of your story.

Every story consists of setting, plot, conflict, and resolution. Brand stories don’t differ at all. Make your story going smooth and at the same time keep your audience interested.  Waiting for the resolution of the story. Keep them in constant expectation to read further. On the other hand, don’t be overwhelming. Let the format be adjusted to the channel you are talking to. Make it easy to read and share.


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